QUIZ: Have You Unlearned Your Internalized Misogyny or Do You Still Do That Dainty Sneeze?

Unlearning internalized misogyny can take a long time, especially when it’s so embedded in your psyche that it still affects your reflexes. Everyone knows that you’re not a true feminist if you sneeze like a little cartoon mouse, so here’s a quiz that will help you find out whether you’ve successfully unlearned your internalized misogyny, or you still do that fragile little sneeze you always do!


How do you feel about feminism?
1. I love it! Everyday I try my hardest to be more of a feminist than I was the day before.
2. It’s great! I think that—Uh, oh, wait a second—ah-ahhhh—chu! <3


Do you care about the way men specifically view you?
1. Absolutely not! I believe that I should express myself however I want, regardless of how men interpret that.
2. No! But I still want them to think I’m cute and tiny.


What do you like to do in your free time?
1. Hang with friends, read, watch TV, and/or browse the internet!
2. I like to stare at myself in the mirror until I feel myself about to sneeze, then I make sure to pitch my voice higher than I normally talk right as it happens. I also record it every time so I can compare it with the others. Just girlie things, I guess!


How do your friends who are women view you?
1. My friends of all marginalized genders see me as a strong, independent feminist who loves to speak her mind.
2. Women friends? I don’t really get along with other girls, but all the guys I’m friends with love to throw me into pools, if that answers the question.




Mostly 1’s: You’re a real Feminist! You’ve done the work and unlearned all your internalized misogyny, and because of that, you sneeze like a Real Woman.

Mostly 2’s: Your sneeze simply can’t be real! Looks like you still have a lot of work to do in regards to unlearning your internalized misogyny. Next time you’re about to sneeze, remember to think about Gloria Steinem.