QUIZ: Do You Want to Go to Therapy, Or Do You Just Want to Hear Someone Tell You You’re Doing Good?

Lots of people are facing challenges in their life, and many people choose to go to therapy in order to manage those challenges more effectively. But sometimes, it’s hard to discern whether you really want to go to therapy, or if you’re really just seeking a lil’ bit of validation since you haven’t had any human contact in a while. Take this quiz to figure that out for sure:


What would like to tackle in therapy?

  1. I would like to unpack my childhood experiences, deal with my depression, and learn how to engage in healthier relationships.
  2. I would just like an older woman with kind eyes and a quirky broach to smile warmly and say, “I’m proud of you.”


Do you have people who validate you in your life?

  1. Yeah, I often tell things to my friends who are really supportive. But I still feel like I’m really struggling.
  2. Sometimes I call my mom and tell her what’s going on, and she says things like, “That’s nice.” Then I cry.

Do you feel like you’re doing good?

  1. I feel mostly negative, but I think that’s the depression and isolation. I’m doing the best I can, given the circumstances, but it’s still hard.
  2. I don’t even know. Do you think so? Please tell me.


You’re doing good. You’re doing the best you can, and I’m so, so proud of you. How do you feel now?

  1. Uh, still pretty depressed. But thank you!
  2. Do you take insurance?




Mostly 1’s : It sounds like you want to go to therapy! There are many reasons to go to therapy, and sometimes you don’t even need a solid reason. You should definitely seek the help you need. Good luck with healing!

Mostly 2’s: You just want to hear someone tell you you’re doing good. This is entirely understandable; every human needs validation for how they’re doing. We hope you know you’re doing good and that life is just really hard right now. Also. if you feel like this need for validation is dominating your life, then maybe check out therapy if you can! It probably has something to do with your mom!