QUIZ: Do You Love Bobbing for Apples or Just Throwing Your Ass in the Air?

Fall is quickly approaching, which means that the opportunities to bob for apples will soon be available. But if you’re someone who looks forward to this every year, you might be wondering whether you actually like bobbing for apples, or if you just like bending over and shaking your money maker. Take this quiz to find out!


What’s your favorite thing about fall?

  1. Enjoying the harvest of seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  2. Hitting the clubs without sweating all my makeup off.


What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

  1. A witch, or maybe a zombie!
  2. Idk, but something I can still twerk in.



Finish the phrase: Apple ___.

  1. Picking.
  2. Bottom jeans.


How many apples do you usually get while bobbing?

  1. At least three.
  2. Zero.



Mostly 1s: It seems like you really love fall and bobbing for apples. Congrats on that, and enjoy your several wet apples this autumn!

Mostly 2s: You probably like throwing your ass in the air more than the act of bobbing for apples, and that’s totally okay! It’s a weird activity anyway, so no one really cares. Keep up the good work!