QUIZ: Are You a Fall Fanny or a Winter Wenda?

Every year as the weather starts to turn cold, women must ask themselves: Am I a Fall Fanny or a Winter Wenda? It’s very important to know which you are because your entire personality will rest on the answer. Take this quiz to find out which seasonal bitch you are!


When you see a pile of fall leaves you:
A. Jump right in! What an amazing pile!
B. Keep on walking. Maybe if it were a pile of snow…


Your friend invites you to a Halloween party! Do you:
A. Accept! You also volunteer to make a signature spooky cocktail. This season is your whole personality!!!
B. The only party you’ll be attending this year is one celebrating a big fat snowman. Ok bitch??


It’s snowing outside! Do you:

A. Stay inside! If only it were snowing LEAVES. Oh glorious fall! Most wonderful autumn! Long may her golden colors reign!
B. Run right outside and bask in the beautiful snow. Oh me! Oh my! Tis time to build a big fat snowman. What a time to be alive!


There’s a snowman outside your house. Do you:
A. Knock it down. Who put this fucking SNOWMAN here?!
B. This snowman is my husband!


Someone offers you a pumpkin spice latte. You:
A. Say, “No thanks, I actually already am drinking one!”
B. Say, “No thanks and also fuck you! I only eat SNOW and ICE.”


Your catch phrase is:
A. “Sure I’ll eat that hay.”
B. “I actually really love the cold.”



If you answered mostly A’s then you’re a Fall Fanny! You love everything fall and would eat a whole pumpkin raw if you could. If you answered mostly B’s, you’re a Winter Wenda through and through. You’re married to a snowman and you love a heavy coat. Now that you know your personality, go out and werk it, girl!