Perfumes You Could Use Instead of Spraying Febreze Down Your Bra

Every day, women around the globe wake up and realize that they still haven’t washed the sweaty bra they’ve been wearing all week. Instead of dousing it in Febreze like you usually do, here are some perfectly normal perfumes to spray on it instead:


Kate Spade – Walk On Air

Febreze is cheap and easy, but you don’t want someone to catch you shoving a household odor eliminator down the $75 bra you haven’t stopped wearing since you bought it. A couple dainty sprays of this light Kate Spade scent will have them thinking, “Wow, what a ravishing creature,” instead of “Who sprayed themselves with my Linen and Sky Febreze? That was meant for the office dog.”


Kim Kardashian – GLAM

Wearing a Kardashian scent may make you feel deep shame, but it will still be less shame than walking around all day wondering if that rainforest-like smell is wearing off already. With perfume on, people at least know you tried! With Febreze, you’ll always be wondering if they know the truth about you (Hint: They do!).



Dior – J’Adore

Practically everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Charlize Theron has donned this fragrance. Just like those classy ladies, you have many beautiful bras, but wear the same two in rotation because they make you look luscious and better than any other bra. So squirt on this fancy Dior scent and use that Febreze for covering up the poop smells in your hallway. Remember: You want people to think you’re like Charlize in real life, not Charlize in Monster.


These perfumes are the best way to pretend you’re a normal, functioning person who does her laundry regularly, even when you’re not. But no matter which you use, you’ll rest easy knowing you didn’t waste your time doing all that laundry!