Perfect Timing! Person You’re Trying to Get Over Just Got a Haircut

In a moving display of cosmic synchronicity, the person you’re trying to get over just got an unfortunate and perspective-altering haircut.


“Jose and I casually hooked up for like a month, then he got back together with his ex,” you say. “I know it didn’t have that much to do with me, but it was still a hard blow. “But then I saw on his story that he chopped off all his beautiful curly hair and has, like, a weird fauxhawk now. And ever since then I’ve actually had no feelings for him at all.”


Wow! When God closes a window, She gives your ex-situationship a terrible haircut that makes you forget why you were ever attracted to him in the first place.


“You know when someone gets a haircut that’s so right for them, that you can hardly even remember what they looked like before?” you say. “Well, this is like the exact opposite of that. Every time I see it, I am jarred anew, but also healed.”


We were also able to catch up with Jose’s current girlfriend Carmen to get her perspective on this story.



“I really love Jose, and I’m so happy we’re both in places where we’re ready to recommit to each other,” Carmen says. “With that said, do I feel slightly bamboozled by him getting a haircut within a week of us getting back together? Of course. Do I wish that the woman who was seeing him before was a bit jealous instead of responding to my story of Jose at breakfast with just ‘thank you’? No doubt.”


But on your end, this development is all upside.


“Before, I felt like our potential and time together got cut short,” you say. “But now that his hair was actually cut short, I only feel grateful that I got in while I did.”


Here’s to personal growth, for Jose’s sake, hair growth as well!