People Who Sleep Late Are Actually More Creative at Inconveniencing Others

Calling all lazy girls! We’ve got good news for everyone who hit snooze this morning. Recent studies suggest that late sleepers might actually be more creative in how they go about alienating their friends than early risers.


That’s right: A habit that many consider to be an indication of poor work ethic may actually be a sign of inventiveness when it comes to being rude and inconsiderate to people who care about you. But why? The answer is simple. Studies show that while most people inconvenience others through more obvious means, like cutting in line or stealing wallets, late sleepers are able to inconvenience others in a more creative (though just as upsetting!) way.


Have you ever told someone at the last minute that you couldn’t meet until 1:00 PM, when really that was just because you wanted to sleep in until at least noon? That probably threw off their entire day, in a creative way. They had to arrange their schedule around your annoying sleep habits, while you continued to appear completely innocent. How very creative of you! It’s possible you’re what the scientists call “right-brained”. Cool!


Or maybe you made plans in the morning, and then slept right through them. “OMG, I’m the worst!” you texted, as you groggily pulled on pants 20 minutes after you were supposed to meet your friend because you were thinking about why people really wear pants. “Be there soon!” 50 minutes later there you were, apologizing profusely even though the whole thing could have been avoided if you’d set an alarm. Your friend sat around waiting for you for over an hour. Talk about thinking outside the box!



See? People may peg you as lazy just because you’re not a morning person, but you’re actually a total innovator when it comes to ruining people’s day. Thanks, science!


So the next time someone tries to give you grief about sleeping late, tell them they’re just being closed-minded, and ask them when was the last time they inconvenienced another person with their natural circadian rhythms. They ain’t got nothin’ on you!