‘Pads Feel Like a Giant Diaper,’ Says Woman Stuffing Wad of Rough Cotton Up There

As a group of friends at a local gym were finishing their workout, New York resident Natalie Wilson proclaimed that pads feel like “a giant diaper” to her friends, just before entering a stall and slowly stuffing a dry wad of cotton up into her tender regions.


The controversy started as Natalie was on her way to painstakingly insert a hard and surprisingly sharp plastic applicator into her unexpecting vagina.


“I just can’t see how people sit in their period blood all day!” she added. “It’s gross!”


Her friends, Hannah Greene and Terin Meyers, were perplexed by Natalie’s strong opinion, and they hesitated to tell her that they often wore pads, and honestly did not mind them at all.

“I wear pads at night a lot, and I use a diva cup regularly during the day,” Hannah said. “I don’t want to worry about Toxic Shock Syndrome when I’m asleep.”


“Yeah, and I don’t always like changing out tampons every single time I pee,” Terin added, “Most women have really valid reasons not to wear tampons. What a weird thing to have such a strong opinion about.”


Other sources report that Natalie used to wear pads quite often in middle school until she was ridiculed for it in the locker room before gym class, but Natalie has yet to comment on the matter.



“I just don’t know why anyone would be okay with wearing pads! Tampons are so much more comfortable,” Natalie said as she tucked a pee-stained string into her underwear. “Also I think I might have a UTI.”


Natalie left the scene shortly after voicing her additional rule: she only wears thongs, and wearing any other underwear at all makes people look like a panty-line-having grandma.