Natural Tampons to Treat Your Vagina Like the Goddess She Is

When it comes to putting things up our vaginas, we’re not always as picky as we should be. But now there are so many options for affordable and safer tampons that it’s easy to take care of your vagina like the queen she’s been all along. Here are some of the best organic tampons for treating your vagina like the royal almighty goddess you’ve always admired.



This plastic-free tampon comes with or without an applicator. With no chlorine, no rayon, and no shedding, this tampon will have your vagina thinking she’s in Heaven. Which she should be, because she is a goddess. And you know how hard she works for you! Why weren’t you treating her like this before? You should be rolling out a red carpet for her, not a red tent! Get some of that organic shit to shove up her and treat her real nice. She’s. A. Fucking. Goddess.




Lola is a subscription service for organic tampons. With no chemicals in the cotton, these tampons will decrease your cramps making for a smoother period. Good for you, but more importantly, good for your all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful mush hole. Like honestly, what does she have to do to get you to buy her some of that good-good? Does she have to self-clean, constantly adapt to whatever or whomever you decide to put in her that day? Does she have to always give you the power to create new life?? Well she did all that, so get her some Lolas and maybe bow down to her once in awhile or present her with a ritual sacrifice. Don’t forget, she is a supreme being and deserves to be treated as such!


Sustain Natural

This organic brand allows you to customize a period kit that is delivered directly to your door. Because you don’t want to make your royal deity of a vagina get up, and go to the store. She has been through enough. Leave her there on the soft throne of your couch and let those tampons come to her. Gone are the days of her having to work for her respect. From now on, you give it no questions asked. She is the source of all your powers after all.


Since tampons do not come with safety requirements, it’s up to you to vet your goddess’s visitors. And maybe let her out occasionally to fly around and do some magic. She’s amazing!