My Boyfriend Is So Comfortable With My Sex Toys They Play Intramural Basketball Together

A friend of mine recently confided in me that her boyfriend is uncomfortable with her leaving sex toys out in the open, or even her suggesting that they use toys to spice up their relationship. I was dumbfounded – nay, flabbergasted – to hear this, as it couldn’t be further from my own experience. My boyfriend isn’t just “okay” with my sex toys: He’s so comfortable with them that they’ve all enrolled in an intramural basketball league together, and, goddamn it, they’re winning.


Most people think synergy in the bedroom comes from the relationship between one person and their partner, but it’s actually much more important for your partner to have a collaborative relationship with your sex toys, on and off the court. Now that my boyfriend and my sex toys are teammates, they’ve never been more in sync!


I couldn’t be happier! The two most important things in my life – my boyfriend and my extensive collection of vibrators – are getting along swimmingly!


The first time they met, I knew it was an instant connection. They bonded over their shared love of making me cum and rec league sports. By the end of the night, not only had they hit it off remarkably well, but they’d signed up for an intramural tournament that weekend. Sure, there have been ups and downs in the league which have translated to ups and downs in the bedroom, but I’ve never doubted for a second that the relationship my boyfriend has with my sex toys is special. They’re confidants, brothers, and maybe even best friends.


Even when they take on a tough loss, they know just what to do – join forces in rocking my absolute world to get their relationship back on track.



I can’t relate to friends whose boyfriends are unadventurous when it comes to sex toys. The three of us – my boyfriend, my vibrator, and me – are taking a much-needed trip to Cabo next month! The intramural basketball league has brought them so close that I’m sure if my relationship with my boyfriend ends, it simply will not come between the two of them. Sometimes I walk in on them late at night just chatting, shooting the shit – they’re just so open with each other! And in turn, with me!


If you’re wondering how to incorporate a little more fun into your relationship, I can’t recommend telling your boyfriend and your vibrators to pick up a mutual hobby enough. From pottery to dodgeball, the bonding opportunities are endless, and who knows? You might just take home a championship trophy! That sounds like a euphemism, but I really mean “championship trophy.” They’re the best in the league!