Mother Turns Off Radio After Missed Exit in Effort to Focus More

After missing her exit on I-95, 52-year-old mother Tina Granger reportedly became exasperated and forcibly turned off the car radio. This was the second time during the family’s four-hour trip to visit relatives in Pennsylvania that Granger missed a vital exit.



“Oh, darnit!” said Granger when she realized her mistake. The situation grew violent when Granger viciously slammed her palm against the volume button, shutting the radio completely off just as her children began to sing the chorus of “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd.


“I just can’t believe I did it twice,” Granger tells reporters. “After that second exit, I decided I needed to turn off the radio so I could concentrate.”


According to her children, such drastic measures were unnecessary.


“I don’t get why she always does that. It doesn’t help her drive better,” says Granger’s son, Kevin. “She still drives over the grooved pavement even when it’s quiet.”


Granger’s daughter, Kelly, further exacerbated the situation by asking her mother why she didn’t just turn the volume down, to which an irritated Granger allegedly snapped, “I’m not doing this with you right now. Not right now, goddamnit.”



After what Kevin says felt like “an eternity of silence,” the three were back on their route.


The family experienced several more delays before the trip’s conclusion at Granger’s sister’s house in Pennsylvania, during which Granger is said to have muttered, “Oh God,” and “Why can’t they make the signs easier to read?!”