Mother Touched That She ‘Doesn’t Totally Suck’

Delaware woman Caroline Lieberman was incredibly moved this past Wednesday when she overheard her teenage daughter admit that she “doesn’t totally suck.”


“This is the kind of candid moment moms live for,” says Lieberman, while baking brownies for her daughter’s band mates. “It’s rewarding to know that in her eyes, I’m not a total dildo.”


The incident occurred while her daughter, Jessica, was in her room chatting with a friend while Lieberman folded laundry nearby. “I’m sure she has no idea I heard,” says Lieberman. “She usually keeps her door closed and locked to ‘keep me the fuck out,’ so I guess I just got incredibly lucky.”


Lieberman was happy to overhear the compliment because, “This means so much, ’cause Jessica usually just tells her friends that I’m dead.”



Upon further reflection, Lieberman is confident the compliment is a result of extending Jessica’s curfew so that she could go on a ski trip with her boyfriend, Steve, and letting Jessica buy “the dress that makes her look like a prostitute.” Lieberman made sure appease her upon overhearing that Amanda’s mom “sucks hardcore”.


Lieberman will reportedly add this to the list of other monumental parenting moments from her daughter’s teen years, including the time when Jessica let her pet her hair while watching CSI, and being invited to her bat mitzvah in 2013. Lieberman adds, “She even let me sit at her table!”


“I may not be a totally perfect mom,” admits Lieberman, who was in labor with Jessica for 22 hours and works three jobs to keep them in their current house, “but it’s good to know I’m not totally shitty.”