Man Shouting on the Subway About Government Control Making Some Good Points

In an enlightening story coming out of New York, NY, a man shouting on the subway about government control conspiracies is actually making some pretty salient points.


“When I first got on the train and heard the yelling, I just tried to ignore it as best I could,” Dustin Klein, a banker who was on his morning commute, said. “But when I heard him say that our government was designed to keep the public in the dark, without any power to change the laws that affect us, I realized that he was really onto something.”


The man’s sentiment seemed to reach other subway passengers that day as well, even though they all tried to turn the music up on their headphones without actually hearing him out.


“I wasn’t really sure what he was talking about at first all he was saying was that Joe Biden is the devil,” 25-year-old hairstylist Kelly Jackson said. “But when he said that the government is constantly trying to take away reproductive rights and gaslight its citizens, that was when I started to really resonate with what he was saying.”


The man yelling, who has now been identified as 71-year-old Victor Johnson, has actually been warning people about the government control on the subway for years now.


“I think that people need to know the truth about our government,” Victor told us. “Not just what they’re seeing on TV. That’s why I took it upon myself to spread awareness about how corrupt it really is, no matter how disruptive that may be.”


“It’s like, yeah, the CIA truly is a terrorist organization,” one woman said. “You just have to ignore all the stuff he said about lizard people in the White House. But lizard people or not, he’s right that they’re all shills for Big Oil!”


Many subway passengers aren’t used to hearing yelling on the train that really hits home for them, which is why after he was done speaking, half of the train erupted in applause.



“I honestly had no idea what was going on,” one passenger on the other side of the train said. “I was listening to music and reading a book, but it seemed like people really liked what he had to say.”


We hope that Victor keeps up the good work, even if he can’t really back up his claims that Hillary Clinton might be an alien.