Jordan’s Status Hopefully Just a Song Lyric

Jordan Nelson, 21, has inadvertently prompted much speculation amongst her friends this evening after she posted a Facebook status that is either very troubling, or is possibly just a song lyric that she didn’t properly attribute. The concerns arose Thursday evening at approximately 10:30pm, after Jordan took to Facebook to post the following status: “Drive by your house, nobody’s home. Trying to tell myself that I’m better off alone.”


“I’m hoping it’s just a song lyric,” says Jordan’s friend, Taylor. “Otherwise I’m going to have to give her a call.”


Immediately, several of Jordan’s friends began texting each other, hurriedly trying to decipher whether Jordan was currently stalking someone or if she was just particularly enjoying her Discover Weekly this week.


“It’s got to be a song lyric, right?” says Jordan’s friend, Tyler. “I mean, it rhymes? But then again, she did just go through a pretty bad breakup.”


The status, which provided no further context or background information, currently has three likes and one comment. The comment, which is from Jordan’s aunt, simply says, “everything ok, sweetie?”


Jordan has not provided any further status updates, and, unhelpfully, does not have her Spotify connected to her Facebook, meaning her friends can’t see whether she’s listening to music at the moment.


“I just wish she would properly credit songs when she’s quoting them,” says Jordan’s friend, Alexis. “Then we wouldn’t have to worry. At least throw in some music note emojis. That would really help us all out.”


In addition to having a flair for dramatics, Jordan has also historically been enigmatic on social media.



“I once drove to her house to make sure she wasn’t feverish or something,” recalls Taylor. “Turns out she was just quoting a conversation she had with her brother, but with no quotation marks or line breaks or anything. I mean, I was legitimately frightened for her wellbeing.”


Jordan’s parents also felt it was important to weigh in.


“Fingers crossed she’s quoting a song she likes,” says her mother, Penny. “Or, worst case scenario, she’s trying to write some original poetry. Context, honey, we need context.”


Whether or not the mystery will be solved this week remains to be seen.


“I don’t know,” says Tyler. “It sounds a lot like a Killers song to me.”