Jenny Posting About Show Everyone Else Watched Four Months Ago

In a shocking series of posts this week, your friend Jenny has been throwing around opinions on a show everyone else was watching months ago.


The upsetting posts began nearly six days ago with Jenny deciding now was the right time to ask, “Is anyone watching Big Little Lies right now? I have some theories!” Her brazen actions have the community wondering whether Jenny knows that everyone has moved on to watching GLOW or at least Handmaid’s Tale.”


“I’m really glad Jenny’s finally enjoying the show,” says Jenny’s friend, Angie. “But every single person in the world stopped talking about Big Little Lies already and we can’t pretend to have just discovered what happens now along with you.”


Jenny followed up the initial post with nine more, which all contained similarly upsetting content:


“Okay, I’m almost halfway through and I can’t believe it. Reese Witherspoon is a vision? Please let me know how you feel but also NO SPOILERS.”


“Her request for no spoilers was particularly offensive,” continued Angie. “At this point, it’s practically like asking us to not spoil the Bible. This is your own fault for not spending a weekend four months ago on this.”


In another disturbing turn in the story, her friend Grace has rewarded Jenny’s post with both a love reaction AND a comment. The comment read, “Oh my god, I love that show, what part are you on?” which has left many worried that Jenny may never learn from her error in judgment.


When reached for comment, Jenny had only this to say:


“I’m on episode 5 now and it’s like so good but I’m just wondering like who dies? Don’t actually tell me though. I want to figure it out myself. Is it Nicole Kidman? I hope not. I had no idea she was such a good actress!”