Confession: I’ve Been Taking Dumps in My Harem Pants

Harem Pants

As a true fashionista, I show 100% commitment to all trends, especially the ones that make you look like you’re carrying a load in your pants. Harem pants aren’t going anywhere, and as long as they’re here, I’m taking full advantage.
I’ve been dropping deuces in my harem pants for months now and I love it! It’s such a liberating experience. I’ve never been so fulfilled by my dedication to fashion. I also think that it’s the most authentic way to wear harem pants. What else could possibly be the reason for the dumpy butt design? You can fit multiple loads in there. I wouldn’t expect anyone who doesn’t have an appreciation for sophisticated fashion to understand that.

The biggest trick to wearing harem pants is not wearing underwear. This avoids visible panty lines and allows the dump to slide right out into the sagging fabric. You don’t even have to sit in it.
Occasionally someone may notice a smell, but I just blame it on a homeless person as I excuse myself the bathroom. Anyway, most of my friends burned out their olfactory glands with cocaine anyway.
I understand if you don’t “get” it. But I couldn’t be happier to be on the cutting edge of fashion. And when clueless people make fun of my mad style, saying, “Looks like you had an accident in those pants!” I can smile and say, “It’s no accident.”