Is It Love at First Sight or Is The Sun Just Behind Him?

We’ve all heard the story of a couple’s perfect, romantic moment where they meet, lock eyes, and have been living inside each other ever since. It might sound like a dream, but sometimes it’s hard to really tell if it’s happening, or if he is just really beautifully backlit right in that moment. Ask yourself these questions to determine if he’s the one you’re meant to be with or if he’s just physically in a place where the sun is like just behind him and he looks really cool?


Where is the sun right now?

A. The sun is up high and/or we are inside, far from its reach.

B. The sun is directly behind him. It is glistening off the water’s ripples before it reaches him. Then suddenly, he is illuminated with the glow of a summer sunset.


Can you even see his face?

A. Yeah and I like it so much.

B. I know he has a face, but it is being outshone by thousands of glorious rays of light that bounce off his body and into my heart, warming it so gently. This is love for sure!


If he stepped 6 feet to the right now, how would you feel?

A. Like I want to step 6 feet to the right just to be with him.

B. Oops, now I’m staring directly into the sun. And I like it.


How bad do you want to fuck him?

A. So bad. If I block out the glare from the sun so I can see him properly, my body is suddenly buzzing with excitement.

B. I dunno, the sun makes me horny and now I’m confused!


Is your heart even capable of love?

A. It wasn’t until I saw him.

B. It wasn’t until I saw it.



Are you in love with the sun?

A. No, I’m in love with him.

B. Shit.




Mostly As

Congratulations, you’ve found love! These are definitely real feelings that you have for this person, not the glowing ethereal light that happened to be behind him. Sure you met him 8 seconds before you consulted this quiz, but that’s the most important part of love. Since it’s confirmed love-at-first-sight, the rest of your romance will be smooth sailing because love is easy if it starts easy! Go you!


Mostly Bs

Congratulations, you’ve found love! Sure, it’s with a distant sphere of hot plasma that can’t return your love, but you still get to feel love. It’s definitely not love for that guy that just happened to be blocking a little bit of your view of the sun. If you insist on finding love with a human person, maybe just fall for someone because you like being around them instead of because the sun makes you feel nice and he’s near it. Good luck out there!