Is He Into You Or Does He Lack Spatial Awareness?



Having trouble telling if your crush is into you? In this digital world, it can be hard to tell if you’re having an actual, physical connection with someone or if he just has astonishingly bad spatial awareness. Maybe he likes you back, or maybe he just lacks an understanding of the relationship between two objects within a space. Read into these clues to tell which might be the case:


He leans in when you’re having a conversation.

This could mean that he’s drawn to you and interested in what you have to say, or that he just can’t tell that there is plenty of space on his side of the couch because his brain can’t process the distance between you very well. If he’s looking into your eyes with warmth and just a bit of blank confusion, he probably just lacks spatial awareness.


He touches his throat when he talks to you.

The throat represents communication and vulnerability, so resting a hand there can mean he’s feeling close to you. It’s also likely, though, that he just forgot he put it there because he has no bodily awareness of where his own limbs are placed. Men can be so disappointing!


He stands with his toes pointing toward you.

The human body subconsciously points itself toward where it wants to go, so if his toes are facing you, it could mean he can see he wants to deepen the relationship with you. Then again, it could be a totally random accident because he lacks basic proprioception and has no idea where his feet are right now. Can a girl ever get a break?



He stands with his arms out to the side.

Is your guy standing like Superman? This powerful pose is testosterone-speak for “PAY ATTENTION TO ME I LIKE YOU.” Unless, you’re somewhere crowded like at a bar. In that case, he may have a serious problem and it’s best to ignore it.


He’s constantly bumping into things.

Did he just playfully put his arm on your waist? He might be flirting! But it’s more than possible that this dude really doesn’t know where his body ends and objects and people around him begin.


He can’t do mazes.

Did he take you to a hay maze and get lost literally as soon as you started, saying you two might have to “spend the night in here”? Nice try, Romeo! Unless you’ve discussed having a reverse damsel in distress fetish, he is just unable to mentally place objects in space.


He really won’t fucking stop touching you.

Yikes. Okay, whether he’s into you or whatever, this dude really does not understand the concept of personal space, and you should probably just get away from him, whether he knows what he’s doing or not. Be careful when dealing with him; he might be lost and afraid!


Negotiating flirtatious signals can be hard, especially when his spatial perception is out of whack. Observe carefully to see whether he’s coming onto you, or just lacks certain space-related cognitive skills.