Is America Ready For A President Who Doesn’t Leave A Few Drops Of Piss On The Floor In Front Of Every Toilet?

Feminist and intersectional political movements have helped put more women in political positions than ever before. But before we get too hopeful for the future, it’s important to consider the perennial question – is America really ready for a president who doesn’t leave a few drops of piss on the floor in front of every toilet?


The answer is unclear.


Arguments against women in positions of power have run the gamut of absurd, with people arguing a woman couldn’t handle the pressure, or would get too emotional in making decisions. And many wonder if a woman can be likable enough to get elected. But the discussion that isn’t being had often enough is whether old-fashioned, red-blooded Americans can stomach the idea of a country being led by a person who likely sits down to pee and leaves all their pee in the toilet bowl rather than trickling a bit onto the floor each and every time.


Blue collar, middle-class Americans just haven’t shown a fondness for leaders that don’t dribble their pee. Some consider it untrustworthy. Some wonder how you could sit down and have a beer with a candidate who is so uptight and contained in their pee habits.



Some are demanding change. Saying it’s time to put someone in the White House whose bathroom floor is urine-free. Some say the ability to properly dispose of urine might even be an asset in the leadership process. But those people are waging an uphill battle on public perception.


Because we as a country have simply never seen a chief executive who doesn’t drip pee on the tile floor. It’s simply never been done.


It is truly difficult to imagine that a person could go through all the trials it takes to become president of this country, and somehow come out on the other side able to not drip their piss. But we the people, must try to maintain hope, that such a thing can and will come about, for the sake of our country, and for the sake of the White House cleaning staff.