Woman Who Found ‘The One That Got Away’ Arrested on Stalking Charges

Reductress - One That Got Away

A woman convicted of stalking a former boyfriend was arrested and sentenced to 49 years by a Warren County judge on Friday.


Pamela Lyons, 28, of Des Moines, was convicted for the stalking of Brian Thomas, 31, after enacting a series of elaborate plans to find and lure him back into her life.


According to Thomas, he and Lyons dated for “I don’t know, three weeks maybe?” in 2009 until “life stuff” brought an end to their relationship. While it is unclear who had broken up with whom, she wistfully notes that “if I was just more attentive to his needs, things really could have worked out between us.” Police are in the process of validating her claim.


Lyons tracked down Thomas using a fake account on Facebook, while her dog-walker best friend Amy Mellon followed Thomas daily to confirm he in fact currently dates a woman “who clearly doesn’t deserve him.” Lyons and Mellon eventually broke into Thomas’s house to look for clues that he might still regret breaking ties with Lyons.



Thomas says he was shocked upon discovering their actions. “It looked like the work of a serial killer,” he says. “They left a mess of condiments on my kitchen counter that read, ‘Wish you’d mustard the strength to ketchup with me.’ Apparently that was supposed to be a reference to some date we went on, but I don’t remember it.”


Police ultimately lured and arrested Lyons at the location of their first date, a local burger joint that Lyons has frequented daily since the breakup nearly four years ago. She explained that she was simply “waiting to reconnect with an old beau,” and requested the staff replay “their song” on repeat until the alleged victim arrived.


According to her attorney, Lyons hopes to appeal the sentence. However, she gave a statement, saying “I know, in time, he’ll realize we’re meant to be together.”