Inspiring! This Woman Who Smoked Weed to ‘Open Her Mind Creatively’ Just Watched Seven Hours of TV

In an impressive move, Tanya Baker of Dayton, Ohio, just smoked weed with the intention to feel more creative – and spent it all watching seven full episodes of Supernatural.


We are seriously amazed by her can-do attitude and commitment to creatively watching a lot of TV in a row!


The momentous day began on Saturday morning; thinking it would be fun to smoke weed and work on some crafting projects, or maybe write a little, Tanya decided to indulge with a fat bowl to “let her creative juices flow”.


Although Tanya was slightly disappointed with the lack of creativity of her day, was content with the egregious amount of television she watched.


“It would’ve been nice to watercolor or something, but suddenly a bunch of old episodes of a random show that nobody recommended to me was just like…really compelling. It was kind of poignant and funny at times, even though I had no idea what was going on.”


Wow! Way to see the silver lining, Tanya!


The episodes of Supernatural Tanya watched were from the middle of season 3, with many major plot points that completely went over her head.


“I think there was a demon or something, I’m not sure. It was kind of an unclear show,” she reported, still a little high.


That’s probably vaguely right, Tanya!


Her roommate, Ula, arrived six hours later to find Tanya still on the couch with all her art supplies untouched.


“Tanya always does this,” says Ula. “She always wants to get high and ‘be creative’, but she mostly just naps and orders takeout.”


Well, some could argue dreaming is an important part of creativity, Ula!



Tanya stands by her decision to watch seven episodes of television as “meaningful input” as a working creative.


“I mean, consuming art is also just as important as creating it – and I consumed a lot! This is all part of the process.”


Wow, Tanya, sure!


When asked if she has any future plans to accomplish to paint, write, or create anything at all, Tanya shrugged and said, “Not really. Maybe I’ll take an edible and clean my room tomorrow though.”