Inspiring! This Woman Jumped into a Pile of Leaves Like She Was Still on Her Parent’s Insurance

In an act of bravery and courage, 26-year-old freelance writer Cassidy Kline decided to let go and enjoy the last of autumn weather by jumping into a pile of leaves, despite no longer being under her family’s insurance plan.


“When I had coverage, I would do crazy things like drink alcohol and ride in cabs,” says Cassidy. “I didn’t have to use hand sanitizer as a makeup primer or drink broth every morning. I wanted a piece of that me back again.”


When asked what she would have done if she had been injured, she put one finger over her mouth and said, “Shhhh, let’s just enjoy this.”


Neighbors witnessed her triumphant dive but weren’t aware of what kind of weight it carried until afterward.


“If she’d gotten hurt, we would have set up a GoFundMe!” says Carol Lanee. “Still, I’d hope not to. My daughter doesn’t have health insurance either so we’re trying to set aside some funds.”


Kline leaped triumphantly into the pile with her arms outstretched like the cross on her old Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance card. She landed in the foliage with a gentle thump. She stood up quickly, giggling while she pulled leaves from her mouth.



We asked if she had any words of inspiration to those also without coverage she said, “We all have a pile. Go find yours and jump in it. Unless maybe your parents are poor and your job isn’t super stable. I dunno. This isn’t necessarily the best idea for people without health insurance.”