Inspiring! This Girl Couldn’t Get A Job, So She Became A Career Coach

Finding a job right out of college can feel next to impossible – but not for 23-year-old Ashley Berg. The recent grad was struggling to find a job for almost a year, when she was suddenly hit with a moment of inspiration. From there, she knew her path: She was going to become a career coach.


Talk about beating the system!


Ashley, whose work experience includes a couple internships and a summer job as a restaurant hostess, was struck one day by the fact that you can offer career advice without any credentials or knowledge.



“I was actually inspired by a friend who recently became a life coach,” says Berg. “Her life is a complete mess in pretty much every way but there she was, offering life coaching services. I was like, I should do this but with careers! It’s so cool though cause I’ve literally never had a job.”


Ashley’s hard work has already paid off: She’s gone from being a chronically unemployed job seeker sending her resume into a black hole to a career coach with a thriving client list and a prolific Instagram account full of inspirational quotes.


“Sometimes all job seekers need for their morale is a $49 platitude-a-day newsletter to remind them to persist in applying for jobs online,” Ashley asserts. “From there, I delve into insider knowledge on resume writing. For instance, simply changing verbs on resumes yields job offers by 0.8% I learned all of this online and I can repeat it to you for $150 for a ‘Basic Session,’ or $250 for the ‘Deluxe.’ That’s where I tell you to get a new LinkedIn picture.”


And for those considering reading the 30-year, bestselling career guidebook What Color Is Your Parachute, Ashley has digestible five-minute videos where she dispenses its same advice so you don’t need to waste precious time and money reading a $15 book. Although she once was rejected for a job for having “inadequate communication skills,” her videos cost $20 each and there are 12 of them.


Ashley has a unique understanding of the minutia of the job search malaise because she herself was never able to find job until she became a career coach.


“My workshops start with empathy and sympathy and I tell my clients—what’s the common word? It’s PATH. Pathological lies. Lies paved the path for my financial stability—how will they help you?!” Thanks for inspiring us, Ashley!