In Lieu of Wedding Gifts, This Couple Just Wants Weed

In lieu of more traditional wedding presents, Durham, NC couple Tracy Jones and Kiana Martin asked their guests to instead focus on gifting something that really matters to them: weed.


“We’re embarking on a life together,” said Jones. “And when we started to reflect on what we needed to begin building a home together, we realized it’s just weed.”


“I have pots and pans already,” said Martin, referencing the types of gifts found on traditional registries. “And you know what I’d really like to make in those pans? Weed brownies.”


Longtime friends of the couple say this request is fitting of Martin and Jones’s love story.


“Weddings are about coming together and unifying two souls,” said Natasha Southerland, who attended college with the couple. “And both of those souls fucking love getting high.”


While many states have legalized the drug, marijuana is still illegal in the state of North Carolina, which made Jones and Martin’s decision a bit surprising to some of the older guests.


“I logged onto their wedding website to find gift ideas,” said Kevin Martin, father of Kiana. “But under the registry tab there was just a picture of a marijuana leaf with the caption ‘haha no but really. Call my guy Jason, he can be there in like an hour.’”


“I’m 75 years old,” said Dottie Jones, grandma of one of the brides. “I haven’t purchased marijuana since the 60s. I bought their gift shortly after they got engaged – gorgeous engraved champagne flutes. But they told me to return them and see if I could engrave a vape.”


When asked if the decision to forgo the traditional gifts was fueled by minimalism or similar de-clutter movements, the couple resisted.



“No, no. We LOVE stuff,” replied Martin. “We just love weed more.”


“I cannot emphasize enough how much we like weed,” Jones chimed in. “And how excited we are to smoke each other out on our honeymoon.”


The happy couple will tie the knot on April 20th.