I’d Give Anything To See A Woman President – Except Money To Her Campaign

The 2020 Presidential election is fast approaching and I’m determined to do everything I can to make sure we vote a woman into office – everything that doesn’t cost me any actual money, that is.



I often stay up late into the wee morning hours crafting Facebook posts that resonate with my friends who are already planning on voting for the candidate I want to win. My weekends are spent thinking of clever mottos for signs I could theoretically hold at rallies. “IN UTERUS WE TRUST” is a recent favorite. I’ll retweet the candidate’s call for donations – I’ll even retweet with a comment, encouraging people to donate money to the promising presidential hopeful I’d like to see in office. But I have never actually donated money. It seems so tied to the patriarchy and also I don’t want to because I want new boots.


I make sure to forward voting reminders to all my friends who are eligible to vote in the primaries, even though I was sort of busy during the last one and didn’t actually get to vote. How much does my one vote really matter, anyway? It probably matters just about as much as money, which I am currently spending online.


My laptop is covered in feminist stickers and I carry Michelle Obama’s book Becoming wherever I go, even though I technically borrowed it from a friend and haven’t given it back yet (I’m saving up for a trip to Bali next year!).


I’d love to have enough disposable income to donate money to the candidate of my dreams, but I’m still paying off my Ruth Bader Ginsburg tattoo which in an indirect way, sort of counts as giving money to the cause. Right?