I Went On The Smoothie Diet And Now Santana’s “Smooth” Keeps Playing Everywhere I Go

When I first heard about the smoothie diet, I was skeptical. It just didn’t seem healthy and I also didn’t trust what the effects would be. But since I’ve only been drinking smoothies for the last few days, I can honestly tell you it’s incredible – Carlos Santana’s hit collaboration with Rob Thomas’ “Smooth” now plays everywhere I go, all the time.


Before the smoothie diet, I ate mostly processed foods and relied on sugary sodas for an energy boost, but simply drinking smoothies has made it so much easier to get my recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. I can pack so many nutrients into just one drink! Plus, people clearly notice the difference my diet has been making, because every time I enter a room they gasp and shout, “Where’s that music coming from? Is that Santana’s ‘Smooth?’ featuring Rob Thomas? Why now?!”


As unbelievable as it sounds, the answer is yes, it is the chart-topping single.


While I used to feel like an average, even frumpy woman not long ago, the smoothie diet has transformed my confidence completely. Now when I walk down the street, I feel like I’m in a commercial. Heads turn as I stroll easily through the crowd, tossing my shiny, vitamin A-fortified hair over my shoulder and blasting music seemingly from somewhere deep inside my body.


That’s right. The smoothie diet has made my body so happy that all my cells have joined together in musical harmony to play the one song that could fully encapsulate how great I feel right now: Santana’s 1999 smash single, “Smooth.”


Who knew this trendy, LA-inspired diet would have such a powerful effect on me? I didn’t, but I’m a firm believer now and I’m telling everyone else I know to get on board too.


Without the heaviness of carbs weighing me down, I feel much lighter and freer. I finally feel motivated to exercise regularly too! I’m dancing up to six hours a day because the good vibes of Santana’s “Smooth” that emanate from my body make me want to move and groove constantly, even though I’m a busy lady who’s always on the go. In fact, I’m rocking out right now as I type this. I just can’t help it!



Give me your heart, make it real or else forget about it! Duhhhh na na na na na na na na, etc.


See? I feel amazing on the smoothie diet. It’s helped me on my personal journey to better health, and also given me the unexplained power to play Santana’s “Smooth” at all times, wherever I go. Though I understand the smoothie diet may not work for everyone, if you’re on the fence, I’d really encourage you to try it!