I Made This Jewelry and Yes I Love Hiking

Why yes, I do love to hike! It’s where I get inspiration for the jewelry I hand-carve. How did you guess!?


Everyone knows that I am a total wood jewelry fanatic, but what they don’t know is that I love the outdoors! When I’m not in my studio carving tiny wooden animal pendants, wood gauges (coming soon!), wood bangles, and wood stud earrings, I’m typically roughing it in the wilderness, just trying to soak in that fresh air!



I’ve been hiking my whole life, so I really feel like hand-making jewelry as a profession chose me, because I’m literally surrounded by trees and dirt all of the time. It’s the best! I’m so inspired by my surroundings when I’m out hiking. The scenic trails, the smell of dirt, the wildlife, all play their part in the pieces I make. It’s like they say: Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your hike! Ha ha.


Take this pine tree, for instance. I passed by this pine a few weeks ago when I was on another excursion, and it was then that I finally saw just how tall and regal the tree was. Then I tripped on its roots and got leaves and needles in my hair. I named my jewelry line Needles & Leaves and made five bangles from the branches I ripped out. I think it’s fair to say that the pieces I make are really about respecting Mother Nature, whom I adore!



Since then, I have been carving beautiful pieces that I wear every day, like mahogany arrow earrings, soft diamond-cut maple beads, little birch walruses, anything that you typically see hiking. I actually have a degree in molecular engineering, so it’s sort of crazy that I gave all of that up to pursue my real passion, which is carving jewelry with this little dremel. What can I say? The woods are my true calling, and so is jewelry made from wood that comes from the woods.


Based on my backpackless appearance, most people wouldn’t assume that I hike, so I’m impressed that you picked up on it. Let me know if you ever want to explore nature’s glory with me in style!