I Lost Weight By Eating 500 Tiny Meals Per Day

My friend told me that the first step to sustainable weight loss is acknowledge the many myths about food that society forces upon us. One of these myths is that it is “correct” to eat three meals per day. Every body is different. Sure, for some people, three meals per day might work just fine – but others may benefit from five or ten or 500 small meals!


For me, the magic number seems to be five hundred. Once I discovered this, it made things so much easier. I simply eat five hundred tiny meals, spaced out throughout the day. It’s not as hard as you think!


I might start off my morning with a single kidney bean. Then, two minutes later, I’ll have three to four raspberries. After another two minutes, I’ll nibble on a sunflower seed and chase that with a shot of lemon water. Mmm!


Ever since I found my body’s perfect diet, I’ve had crazy amounts of energy. My metabolism is so fast I can practically hear it working, ha-ha! Also, my skin is smoother, my hair is silkier, and my eyes look brighter (so I’ve been told!).



Of course, being on a diet always has its drawbacks. It’s so awkward being around my non-dieting friends who are just like, munch munch munch and then nothing for hours, while I have to stick to this very strict, every-few-minutes eating thing. In terms of keeping it easy and breezy, I’ve found that the best strategy is to plan ahead. That’s why I lay out my meals for the week on Sunday night. I make 3,500 little piles on my kitchen counter, and package them in individual Ziploc bags. Taking simple steps like this can really help reduce the stress of dieting.


Now, just in case you’re thinking, Come on! No way, José! I could never do that!, just remember—it’s all about moderation. Do I have cheat days? Absolutely! One day per week I eat only four meals. It’s nice—I feel very connected to middle America, you know? Just your average girl-next-door, ha-ha. It leaves me feeling a little bloated but gives me lots of extra time for meal prep. It’s important not to let this stuff take over your life.


Of course, there’s no one magic solution when it comes to losing weight, but I hope I’ve inspired you to think outside the box with your dieting strategies. As for me, I’ve got to go—that chickpea is calling my name.