I Gave Up Eating Sugar So I Could Focus Solely On Eating Ass

I had lived most of my life addicted to sweets. But when I learned that the elevated insulin levels caused by sugar consumption leads to countless health problems from diabetes to cancer, I decided to make a change. Making this lifestyle change forced to focus on other things in my life that bring me joy; spending time with my friends, learning a new skill, and eating ass for hours on end.


I can safely say giving up sugar was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but now, whenever I want to reach for a Twix, I nosh on an ass instead. Suffice to say, I’ve never felt better!


I’ve already started to see some of the benefits of giving up all things sweet: my skin is clear, I don’t crash at 3pm anymore, and I have a newfound vigor to just absolutely stuff my face with butt for hours without any breaks. And now I have more energy (and butts) than ever!



My nighttime ritual before my sugar purge was to pour myself a glass of milk, grab a bag of Oreos, and lick the cream filling until I was all full. Now, I still pour myself the glass of milk, but instead Oreos, I call up a lover (doesn’t matter who), drive over to their house, and go straight for the butt. Now all I need is a handful of almonds and several hours of tedious ass-eating before bed, and I’ll fall fast asleep!


Some people have asked me, “Why not have a sweet treat once in awhile?” To those people, I ask, have you ever heard of science? If you had, you’d know sugar causes massive dopamine release in the brain, making it highly addictive. It’s not as simple as just eating less candy, it’s about making time for the thing you love most: eating so, so much butt that you don’t even have time to think about cake.


It has been a huge adjustment for my current relationship. I used to bring hot cocoa to bed and we’d curl up and watch an episode of The Crown. Now, I just bring water, because I get really dehydrated when I’m going down on his sweet lil’ bootyhole. On the upside, I’m drinking so much more water now!


Now, I’m totally addicted to his butt. He keeps saying, “I have to go to work!” and “Can we just go walk our dog?” He feels sad that he is unable to satisfy me, but understands that this is what I need if I’m going to stay off sugar for the long-term.


Like they say, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Now, a cheat day for me is just like any other day: eating so much butt!