How to Use More Hashtags in the Bedroom

You know that hashtags are the best way to express yourself on social media, but did you know they’re also the best way to express yourself in the bedroom? If the key to good sex is communication, then hashtags are the savvy millennial woman’s only language of love. Check out the steamy scenarios below:


Integrate them into your dirty talk. A lot of women feel uncomfortable touching themselves during sex with a partner, but don’t worry! A simple “#SelfieSunday…emphasis on the self” will ease the tension. Your man will love this feisty explanation of your behavior!


Tell him how you like to be touched. No need to get into the gritty details with words like “there” or “no.” Instead, when he hits the spot just right, look him in the eyes and yell, “#blessed!” He’ll get the message loud and clear.



Remind him how important he is to you. Guys can get squeamish when girls say things like “I care about you,” or “You are my boyfriend.” Fortunately, hashtags have the unique ability to convey great depths of emotion with a single word. Once you’ve finished making love and are lying next to your man, whisper, “#bae” into his neck. Is that wedding bells we hear?


Emojis! A picture is worth a thousand words, and in some cases, even a hashtag can be too long-winded. Let’s say you’ve been wanting to get it on all day, but your man seems distracted. Stare him in the eyes while you draw the eggplant emoji in the air with your finger. Give him a few seconds to process what’s going on, and then watch as he gets an erection on the spot.


We hope you enjoy these scintillating ideas. As with any sex act, consent is the most important thing. So before you try anything new with your partner, make sure you have an enthusiastic #YAAAASSSS first!