How to Take Home That Cutie From The Bar so He Can Reset Your WiFi Password

You never know what a night out on the town can turn into – you might finally meet “The One” or even better, you might meet a tech-savvy cutie who can reset your wifi password! Your password is complicated and long, so here are some tips to help you snag the right man before last call.


Ask the Big Questions Up-front

When you start chatting up this babe, you have to make sure he’s got the goods. Spefically, make sure he understand the basics of setting up wifi! So while you’re getting you flirt on, slip in some important questions like, “Have you ever set up your own TV?” or “Have you ever used a universal remote?” With these questions, you’ll not only get to know your man, but you can really gauge if his technology skills are worth all this hassle!


Talk About All Your Gadgets

Guys love gadgets! Gently touch his arm while you tell him about all the complicated electronics you’ve got in your apartment and how you can never figure out why everything’s beeping. Then, when you can tell he’s totally into you, lean in and ask him to come over and fix your wifi! At this point, he’ll definitely be itching to go to your house and see all your cool gadgets. Plus, a true tech expert will love a good challenge!



Be Honest About Your Situation

Before you invite this hottie back to your place, be honest about how annoying your wifi is. Honesty is so important in any relationship, especially with this potential handyman! Don’t hold back, just tell him your wifi password is too complicated and that you hate having it up on a note on your fridge for all your guests to see. If this guy really knows his home electronics, he’d totally understand and be willing to take the next steps with you…back to your apartment to fix that stupid wifi password! Aw!


Don’t give up hope! The guy that can finally change your WiFi password from 02F3HH480FLWB037 to password1 is out there! Once you set up the perfect opportunity, this hottie will be dying to come back to your place to see what’s wrong with your wifi with his own eyes! You can have sex with him too, but actually maybe it’s more helpful if he just stays to fix that flickering light bulb in your bathroom!