How to Stop Worrying About Florence Pugh Having to Explain Memes to Zach Braff 

The world is a chaotic and cruel place. There’s no shortage of concerns to dwell over, and some issues are more deserving of your finite energy than others. That’s why it’s important that you try and stop worrying about Florence Pugh having to explain memes to Zach Braff. Here’s how:


Take a step back from the situation.

Remember that despite their age gap, they are two consenting adults. It’s not your business if one night while Zach reads Jonathan Franzen, Florence’s friend sends her a Steal His Look meme and she chuckles (mistake) causing Zachary to ask what’s funny. She tries to play it down, saying, “It’s just a dumb meme.” But he insists on looking: Joylessly inspecting its every detail in complete silence until Florence is forced to say, “It’s like the most expensive way you could recreate a character’s outfit.” Nothing. Eventually, he says the light from her phone is distracting him, which is insane because all the lights are on in the room. “Want me to read to you from The Corrections?” he offers. She’s like, “I guess.”


Practice mindfulness.

If you’re getting bogged down by persistent negative thoughts of Zach Braff asking if the text in the meme is what Mr. Krabs is saying, then you might benefit from practicing some mindfulness. Accept the nightmares that enter your brain for what they are: Fear-based, unsubstantiated suspicions. You can’t possibly know whether or not Zach Braff has ever looked the incredible early-career actor Florence Pugh in the eyes and said, “You’re young; help me figure out this Apple Watch,” even if you awake drenched in a cold sweat, sure that he did. Release imagining Zach saying “Watch, play the Garden State soundtrack,” and it’s like, that’s not how it works. Do you mean Siri? Who is ‘Watch’?



Open your mind.

Try to be happy for them! With patience and care, Florence can tell Zach about NUMTOT and Zach can tell Florence about having a hit TV show when she was in elementary school. He’s no Superman; he’s just a nerdy middle-aged dude dating a woman a cool 21 years younger than him. It’s not illegal!!


So relax, take a deep breath, and try out these tactics to ease your frantic mind. Remember, however many times you have worried about Florence having to explain memes to Zach, he has described her as “mature” to his friends more times than that.