How to Stop Drinking Soda and Start Having Headaches

There’s nothing like a refreshing soda on a hot summer day. However, I recently realized I am totally addicted to that crisp carbonation and sweet syrup, so I decided it was time to take control of my health and cut soda out of my diet. I was surprised to find how easily my focus shifted from my soda obsession to my immediate symptoms of caffeine withdrawal! So if you’re like me, don’t worry: here’s how I stopped drinking soda and started having frequent and persistent headaches.


Drink Water Instead

Water was the easiest substitute for me when I was beginning my soda-free lifestyle. Keeping a water bottle with me helped satisfy the urge to sip on something, while keeping me hydrated! Too bad that hydration means nothing when my daily 3PM headache rolls around, which obviously began when I stopped having a Dr. Pepper with lunch. Health is good, even though my vision is blurry most of the time from these headaches!


Don’t Keep Soda In The House

One of the easiest ways to limit how much soda I was drinking was to never have it in my fridge. Not being able to reach for a can of Sprite at any hour of the day made it much easier to curb my cravings and form other, healthier habits. For example, instead of grabbing a sugary can to keep me going, I turn all the lights off and lay in bed till my headache passes! This is better, or so I’m told!


Go Caffeine Free

It can be difficult to quit cold turkey. Whenever I find myself desperately wanting a soda, I turn to caffeine-free options. They taste almost as good as my usual sodas and come close to satisfying my craving! Of course, they did nothing to help the pounding in my head. What’s even the point? I’m not sure anymore! Be sure to pick up some ice cold Coke Zeros on your next grocery run, and don’t forget the ibuprofen while you’re there!



Be Resolute

At the end of the day, my need for soda was entirely in my mind. Once I decided I was fully capable of dropping the ‘Dew, the task became much more achievable and the effects were noticeable. Most notably, I had a lot more energy, which was entirely undermined by the constant throbbing in my skull that prevented me from really doing anything to its fullest.


Soda is delicious but ultimately harmful to the body. I still have the occasional soda, but I try not to be too hard on myself. Now, I only drink it because the headaches from not drinking it are unbearable and I had to do something to stop the pain. Good luck on your soda journey!