How to Still Have Fun Playing in Leaves Even After You Discover A Dead Body

Autumn is a magical time full of apple cider, pumpkin pie, and piles of colorful leaves for you to jump around in! It’s a season to return to childhood, except when you were a kid you never discovered a dead body in the middle of the leaf pile. No matter—here’s how to keep having fun even after you’ve found that mysterious corpse!


Just Keep Jumping!

Why let a dead person ruin your fun? After you come down hard on top of a body in the pile of leaves, you might be inclined to freak out and bail. But fall is about committing to fun, even when you should probably call 911. Just put that body out of your mind and keep jumping. You’ll get used to it!


Move the Leaves

If you decide that the body of a deceased man has stifled your fun, just shuffle some leaves away from his body and resume your fun away from him. This is also a great way to ensure that you don’t end up getting blood or other dead guy substances on your adorable autumnal ensemble!



Try to Play With Him

Are you sure he’s dead? Maybe some fall-weather fun can rouse him! Pick up a big armful of leaves and toss them his way. This is a game for everyone, after all! If he doesn’t catch the leaves because he’s dead, just shuffle the leaves back over his body. Nothing to see here! This was not your fault.


Turn Him Into a Halloween Decoration

Be resourceful! Drag that body out from the leaves, and prop him up on your porch! If his appearance doesn’t scare trick-or-treaters, the smell sure will. After you’ve set him up, you can return to your pile of leaves and keep playing. When you think about it, this was really your only option!


There’s nothing more fun than playing in a big pile of autumn leaves! So get a running start and jump on in—even if you find a dead body in there, you can still have a good time!