How to Sexily Deflect Workplace Harassment with Flirtatious Giggles

It’s no sexy secret: Sexual harassment in the workplace is a huge problem. It’s important to report workplace sexual harassment, even if it does carry the risk of never again having a boyfriend. Of the 25% of American women who have experienced workplace harassment, only 41% of those (wet blankets who can’t take a joke and, let’s face it, are probably lesbians anyway) reported it to their employers. Still, there is one non-bitchy way to let your workplace harasser know his behavior is NOT okay without attempting to ruin his career. Try any of the following phrases to defuse the situation, while still seeming cute and aloof.


“Haha! Stoppp!!!”

This is a great way to let him know that his behavior is unwanted, while still being flirty. It tells him that sure, his pulling your hair every time he walks by your desk and whispering things to you about your bra size is a fun joke, you’re just not into it at the moment. Maybe later over drinks, Dan!


“Oh my God, you are so bad!!”

This is a great one you could use in response to an unsolicited joke about, say, a female celebrity who isn’t even hot, or how women of different races act differently in bed. It shows that you stand by your ideals, but without being such a bitch about it. Your coworker Steve’s attitudes towards women are objectively problematic and offensive, and you’re letting him know that in a fun, playful way.



Shaking your head with beguiled smirk that says, “Boys will be boys!”

This disarming tactic, coined by Dr. Catharine Alice MacKinnon, Ph.D. in her book “;)” tells men, “I will not stand for this discriminatory behavior ;) lol seriously tho.” Shaking your head a lot also helps male coworkers take you out of the “whore” column and place you into the “mother” column, which isn’t the most fun cross to bear, but at least it doesn’t get you groped in the elevator as much.


Remember: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. So the next time your coworker asks if you want to go streaking apropos of nothing, look that sucker right in the eye and give him a big “Hahaha ummm … yeah right!” That’ll show him!