How to Ruin Weed By Getting High With Your Parents

If you smoke a lot of weed, you might be wondering how to quit. But how can you when it’s so easy, fun, and relaxing? Luckily for you, we found out the best way to suck all the fun out of smoking weed: getting high with your parents who will inevitably make it super weird. Here’s how to do it:


Take them to a dispensary.

If your parents don’t usually smoke, you can watch them tell a sales rep that they “haven’t done this since the 90s” before they ask what THC is. You’ll probably be there for a while. And if your parents do smoke weed, just not with you, then you can feel how uncomfortable it is to have these two very different worlds collide! After this bizarre experience, you probably won’t even feel like doing it anymore, even though you technically decided to in the first place!


Get way too high.

Nothing ruins a good high like going overboard, especially when you’re with your parents. In this moment, you’ll already feel way out of your element, so getting too high will really take it to the next level! Remember to act normal, but still like you’re having a good time, but not too much or else they might be disappointed in you. Permanent buzzkill!


Watch them get too high.

You might think that getting too high yourself was the worst thing that could happen during this family smoke sesh, but that’s only because you haven’t seen your parents get greened out before! If you weren’t dreading this experience already, your mom telling you that she can’t feel her heartbeat will probably make you never want to smoke weed again!


Think about the fact that they raised you.

While all of you are high and uncomfortable, thinking about the fact that you used to be a baby and that these people raised you will definitely take things down a disturbing road. Do your parents know that much more than you do? Are we all just trying to figure it out day by day? Is smoking weed really worth all of this anxiety? These are some questions that you’ll probably be asking yourself, and the answers might shock you into putting down the weed pen once and for all.



So if you’re sick of smoking weed for one reason or another, getting high with your parents is a surefire way to ruin it for good! Not even sure why you guys thought it was a good idea in the first place. Happy multi-generational toking!