How To Rock Your Bold Lip Harder than The Bold Lip All Your Friends Are Rocking

Nothing beats the winter blahs like braving the cold in a party dress and brightening up your pasty face with a bold lip. You’re knee deep in this trend. You’re basically this trend’s “Ride or Die” bitch. Unfortunately, so are all your bold-lipped friends. Here’s how to rock that bold lip harder than they ever will with these tips:


Bold Lip + Bold Eye = Double Bold

Most beauty experts will say you should play up either your eyes or your lips to avoid looking trashy, but really, they just don’t want you to outshine their bold lips. This winter, pile a bunch of pigment onto your lids and mouth. All eyes will be on you and your boldly rocking bold brazen face.


Aggressive Lip Biting

Every model knows there’s nothing sexier than a seductive lip bite. It draws attention toward your full, pouty lips like no other facial gesture. So make your lips the star of tonight by biting the shit out of them all night long. Guys will be scoping you out, and definitely not your less-bold friends.


Stark Face

Nothing emboldens your lips like contrasting it with your face. Play up the lightness or darkness of your complexion with a foundation that’s as close to stark white or pure black as you can find. Those lips will boldly pop!



Lipstick Kissy Stains

Want people to really notice your lip color? Make no bones about getting it all over your clothes and the collars of every guy around. People will be searching for the source of your boldness and the clues will lead them right towards your bold lip.


Reapply, Reapply, Reapply

Never stop reapplying. Who can ignore bold lips when your lipstick stick is running nonstop circles all over your lower face? You are bold. You are beautiful. Your friends are just lipstick dilettantes compared to you.


Remember, your lips may be bold, but that doesn’t mean they’re bold enough to compete with all the bold lips out there this evening. Go bold or go home, ladies.