How to Pretend Your Botox Was Preventative

There’s no shame in getting a little work done as long as it’s clear you didn’t need it. After all, it can be hard to convince people you’re still young enough to be too young for fillers. Here’s how to convince everyone you were just preparing for your distant future as a middle-aged woman:


Get it where you don’t need it.

If you have plump cheeks or a smooth jawline, have the doctor fill those spots up anyway. Injecting it places where you don’t need it will make people think you didn’t need to put a neurotoxic protein into your face, either. Why would you do that to your young, supple, 20-something face?


Get shitty Botox.

See a specialist who won’t make you look that different. The fewer wrinkles you reduce, the less it’ll look like you needed to reduce them. Of course, this won’t make you look as young as you’d like, but it will still give you that “I weakened my facial muscles for up to four months for purely cosmetic reasons down the line” look you’re after. You’ll look less like a perky 45-year-old and more like a tired 28-year-old. Nice!



Constantly remind people that preventative Botox is totally a thing.

Any time you get a chance, bring up the fact that injecting botulinum toxin type A into young women’s faces prevents future wrinkles from occurring. This will make your friends wonder why you injected yourself with something with the word “toxin” literally in its name.


Tell people how old you are, but not how old you really are.

Age 24 is way to young too ever need Botox, so let people think that’s how old you are. You’ll be hearing, “You’re so young! The $250 per injection for something that will eventually wear off should probably have been spent on something more responsible, like grad school” in no time!


Drop the word “prejuvenation”.

Nothing says, “I’m too young and hip to actually need this Botox” like a catchy buzzword. You’ll be having people wonder why you risked adverse reactions that mirror botulism from the toxin spreading to the rest of your body faster than you can say, “cosmagical”!


Remember, the best anti-aging technique is lying!