How to Overthink Your Way Out of a Relationship That Is Going Fine

The beginning stages of a new relationship can be tricky to navigate. Even when everything indicates that your relationship is going amazingly, it can be downright impossible to just sit back and enjoy it instead of analyzing the hell out of every detail to sabotage it for yourself. So since we know you’re gonna do it anyway, here are some tips on how to overthink your way out of a relationship that is going absolutely fine!


Remember your past experiences.

The guy you’re seeing is treating you well, being respectful, and truly has done nothing to signal that he has anything but good intentions with you. But dudes in your past have been different! So make sure you project all of that baggage from your exes onto your current boo, and you’ll be free from this happy and healthy relationship in no time!


Ascribe non-existent meaning to his social media posts.

Have y’all gotten to the point where you follow each other on social media? That’s a really good sign that things are going well! But you can’t just sit with that knowledge and be like…okay about it. Is he following a new girl on Insta? Read into it, even though they have the same last name and it’s probably his cousin! Did he tweet “ugh i hate being here”? Overanalyze it! A few weeks of this, and you’ll have no trouble convincing yourself that it isn’t gonna work out between you two.


Disregard the advice of loved ones.

So, your relationship is going so well that even your friends and family notice? Who cares! They’ll tell you to stop worrying and just let yourself be happy. But you can’t let any of their objective, outsider opinions get to you. You know what’s best for you, and what’s best for you is to exhaust all of your mental energy spending every waking second thinking about how your relationship could go wrong, even though there is literally nothing going wrong, until you manifest something into going wrong!



Try any of these easy tips when your new romance is going well…too well. With their help, you’ll be out of your near-perfect relationship quicker than you can say “I set myself up for failure due to my high-functioning anxiety disorder!” Good luck out there!