How to Make Your Space Look Bigger When You Live Under the Bed of an Unsuspecting Homeowner

Everyone’s had that awkward period in their life when they take up residence under a stranger’s bed for an unspecified amount of time. You want to remain undetected by the legal tenants, but that doesn’t mean your secret living space should make you feel like you’re suffocating!! Here’s how to take your cozy new space from “flat” to “flat-out fabulous!”



Mirrors can open up a small area by making it look deeper. Just be sure keep them away from the edges of the bed—if the homeowners look down and catch a glimpse of your reflection, you’ll totally blow your cover! If so, it’s back to the bushes for you!



If your hosts don’t have a slatted bed frame, just wait until they leave for work, go out and gather some long twigs, and wedge them into the bottom of the bedframe for a rustic, textured look. Take the time to admire your DIY ceiling under your new neighbor’s bed, but try not to breathe audibly!




By laying down several small rugs, you can create the illusion of having several areas in one room (or in your case, underneath a bed). If you don’t have rugs, just put down some of the homeowner’s old pants. Use the ones from the back of her closet that she hasn’t been wearing lately and she’ll probably never know. While you’re at it, take some time to appreciate the way her clothes smell. Mmm.


Eliminate overhead lighting!

Overhead lighting is harsh and pools all the focus into one area, and fortunately since you’re under a bed, there is already no lighting installed. It’s best to just lay low down here and enjoy the soft glow of the floor lamps that they accidentally left on while they were out! They’ll never know your secret.


Don’t take your secret life under a bed lying down! Take control of your tiny space—and maybe even the fridge. There’s some leftover Pad Thai in there that they are never going to eat.