How to Journal Your Way Into a Better Economic System

Journaling every day can provide countless benefits for both your mental and emotional well-being – endeavors that are getting more difficult with each additional day you exist in late-stage capitalism. So, here’s how you can whip out that moleskin and start writing your way into a better economic system. It’s better than nothing, okay?


Journal before bed.

By journaling at night, you can improve your quality of sleep, avoid stressing too much when you’re trying to go to bed, and decompress from another day of existing in a laissez-faire cesspool. Plus, by writing down all of your intricate thoughts on how our society could move away from capitalism and toward a better economic system, you’re more likely to dream about existing in this better world. Imagination is integral in building different futures. Maybe not as integral as regulation, legislation, or revolution, but still!



Use prompts to help focus your writing.

By utilizing helpful prompts like “How is capitalism ruining my life?” and “Why is the free market bullshit?” you can effectively vent your frustrations on paper. It may feel inconsequential but, who knows, maybe you’ll accidentally drop your journal on the ground in front of the Capitol building one day and someone with political power will pick it up and be like, “Hey, these ideas are actually really good…let’s go for it!”


Consider keeping a manifestation journal.

If all else fails, maybe you should turn to manifestation journaling. Sure, this might not actually do anything to change the fact that you exist in a capitalist hellscape, but writing “America will completely embrace socialism by 2035” over and over again will at least offer you some sort of reprieve from hearing policy makers claim that a trickle-down economy actually works.


If you follow these steps, you’ll be sure to have over 200 hand-written pages of rage-fueled anticapitalist rhetoric in no time, and you’ll be well on your way to helping build a better economic system for all of us! Or, at least, you have to keep thinking that otherwise you’ll find yourself curled up in the fetal position, sobbing. Radical positivity, right?