How to Get Your Partner to Scratch the Mosquito Bites on Your Back by Pretending It’s a Sex Thing

Mosquito bites are the absolute worst, but it’s even more terrible when you have them in impossible-to-reach spots. But if you’re lucky enough to have a partner during mosquito season, they’ll make a great back scratcher with benefits! Of course, they may not appreciate being seen as a back scratcher first and partner second; so instead, integrate the back-scratching into your relationship. Here’s how to get your partner to scratch the mosquito bites on your back by pretending it’s a sex thing.


Say it’s a new trend.

Your partner might start to get suspicious when you immediately ask for specific areas on back to get scratched every time you’re in bed, but just tell them it’s a really sexy new trend you saw on TikTok and that all the hot couples are doing it nowadays – Bennifer, Tom Holland and Zendaya, Phoebe Bridgers and Paul Mescal. Feel free to throw in some fake celebrity couples to make your partner feel even more out of the loop and want to catch up with the latest sex craze!



Play sexy music.

Whether it’s Marvin Gaye or The Weeknd, playing sultry music can set the mood and make any activity sexier, even when that activity is turning your mosquito bites into larger red splotches for a few moments of relief. Plus, it can turn into a Pavlov’s dog situation – every time you play the same sexy music, your partner will immediately know it’s back scratching time.


Moan a lot.

The feeling of scratching an incessant itch is already orgasmic in itself, but upping the moaning ante will really sell the idea that you’re turned on by the back scratching, not just incredibly relieved to finally deal with those pesky mosquito bites. Thankfully, “Oh that feels so good” and “More, more!” can pertain to both sex and scratching the bites, leaving you and your partner both fulfilled for different reasons.


So the next time you realize some asshole mosquito has bitten you in the one place your arms can’t reach, don’t get discouraged – put on some smooth jazz and grab your sweet, gullible partner! Back scratching will become a regular part of your bedtime routine in no time!