How to Get The Girls Together Without Pulling Off An All-Female Heist

As you get older, all career and relationship responsibilities become harder and harder to maintain. With everything going on, it can be really hard to get together with your friends and enjoy each other’s company! And if you do manage to plan a girls trip or night out, it’s even harder not to get intoxicated by each other’s company and inspired by each other’s special skills to the point where you become inspired to pull off another heist. Here are some tips to getting the girls together without assembling for a high-level robbery.


Plan Something In Advance

Calendars become your best friend as you get older. If you schedule an event in advance, it’s more likely that everyone is free then, and one month is a good rule of thumb. But in your planning emails, it’s a good idea to explain that the April hang date is not intended to give you time to plan to steal a $150 million necklace during the Met Gala, you just wanted to find a day where everyone was available to drink and hang out.


Do Something Everyone Can Agree Upon

Everyone has their preferences. Some people don’t like concerts, drinking, or yoga, and that’s all fine. Getting together at a restaurant (particularly one that accommodates vegans) can be the fix for that. Just make sure there is enough planned that people don’t get bored and give into the temptation to verbally plan the multi-step operations necessary to commit theft.



Come Through When It Counts

If you slip up and can’t make a get-together once in a while, that’s okay and no one will fault you. But big events? Your presence is basically required. Especially when you need to stop your friends from figuring out how to create a duplicate necklace that they can plant while security is evacuating everyone from the Met.


Build Up Hype

Get excited! Friendships are special and fulfilling in a very unique, intimate way. These kinds of relationships are worthwhile and when everyone is pumped, beautiful things can happen. Just make sure you’re getting them excited about mani pedis so that they don’t start reminiscing about the good old days and feel inspired to do one last job.


Just because you’re all busy adults now doesn’t mean it’s you’re too busy to see each other. You’ll thank yourselves later for all the planning required to get together for fun, laughter, and millions of dollars that seem ripe for the taking.