How to Get Over That Box of Cheez-Its When You’re Still in The Same Office Together

It’s hard to move on when you keep running into the object of your desire, especially if you happen to share an office, and especially if it’s America’s favorite baked cheese cracker snack food. Day-after-day, seeing your coworker’s family-sized box of Cheez-Its, right there on the shelf but not available to you is enough to make you cry. They don’t belong to you, and you need to remember that. But going into work doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Here are five ways you can get over your coworker’s box of Cheez-Its, even if you’re working in close quarters.


Avoid being alone in the same room together.

The first few weeks can be hard, so it’s best to avoid temptation by making sure it’s never just the two of you in a room. This means not going in the break room when no one but the Cheez-Its are in there, or not wandering into your coworker’s snack-filled office when she might be out at lunch. You’ll want to, but you know it won’t be worth it.


Remind yourself how hard it would be on both of you.

You’ll find yourself wondering how much harm one little taste could do. But you are an adult, and you need to remember that your actions have consequences. Imagine how your coworker would feel if she caught you eating from a box that she’d labeled “LAURA G’S. NOT FOR OFFICE.” Imagine how weird it would be between the two of you and how it would feel to be the brunt of office gossip. As hard is this is now, it’ll be even harder to face that box down when you know what you’ve done. Honey, it’s just not worth it.



Go out and find some other snacks.

A good way to get over the Cheez-Its, especially when the need is becoming too strong and you’re close to walking over and shoving your hand down his box flaps, is to put yourself out there and find some snacks of your own. Ideally, you’ll be able to satisfy those urges with some Costco pretzel sticks or homemade ants on a log, but if one lonely night you have to buy your own box of Cheez-Its to help you get through this, so be it. The important thing is that you’re not messing around with a box that doesn’t belong to you. And hey—it’s okay to have a type!


Fake it till you make it.

Even the strongest of us sometimes have to pretend everything’s okay. Your stomach might be growling, but you can convince yourself that you don’t care about the Cheez-Its by enthusiastically telling all your coworkers how much you’re over cheesy snacks. Soon enough, you’ll find that all the stuff you’re saying has become the truth. Take a hike, salt-topped squares!



Manage your jealousy.

You’re going to feel some ugly feelings, especially if you walk in on your coworker eating the Cheez-Its right in front of you. Rather than ignoring these feelings and leaving them to come out forcefully at inappropriate times, try to stay aware of them when they arise. This will help you realize you’re not mad at your coworker; you’re mad at the situation. Look how mature you’re being! It’s not easy without the support of your Cheez-Its but you’re doing it.


Now, was that so hard? Coexistence with a coworker’s box of Cheez-Its isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely manageable. The high road tastes so much better than the unique flavor of toasted cheddar.