How to Explain the Kool-Aid Man Hole in the Wall to Your Landlord

Having a landlord can be tough, especially when you need repairs to be done to your apartment. If you’re lucky enough to have a landlord who is responsive, repairing damage to your unit should be simple. But what if the Kool-Aid Man just crashed through the wall of your living room? Here’s how to explain the Kool-Aid Man hole in your wall to your landlord.


Get your story straight.

Your landlord might not believe that the large cartoon pitcher from the Kool-Aid commercials left a huge hole in your wall ­– they might not even believe that he’s real! So, based on your previous exchanges with your landlord, you should determine how much they’ll be receptive to the fact that a half-man-half-fruit-drink just decimated your drywall. If you need to lie about the situation, just say there was an earthquake or something!


Offer them some Kool-Aid.

If the Kool-Aid man crashed through your apartment wall, there’s no doubt that he left some Kool-Aid for you to drink. That’s like… his whole thing. So when your landlord comes to look at the damage that’s been done, offer them some Kool-Aid to prove what happened, and to lighten their mood a little bit! Oh yeah!!!



Get the Kool-Aid Man to explain it himself.

If your landlord is just not getting it, bring the Kool-Aid Man back to explain himself. Luring him back into your home is easy. Simply say “Ugh, I wish I had some Kool-Aid right about now,” and he should be there in no time – just make sure your landlord is there to catch him. This way, if your landlord doesn’t want to pay to fix it, you can bring the Kool-Aid Man himself to small claims court.


Getting your wall smashed by the Kool-Aid man can be a simultaneously traumatic and fun-tastic experience, but the damage done from it can really be a hassle. Use these tips to explain it to your landlord, and you’ll get the hole in your wall repaired in no time! You probably won’t get your deposit back though.