How to Enjoy a Night Out Even Though You Lack the Core Strength to Sit on a Bar Stool

Going out can be a fun way to let loose, but there’s always a few drawbacks: the cost, the exhaustion, the hangover – not to mention the dreaded use of your deteriorating core muscles if you happen to be unlucky enough to settle onto a bar stool for the night. However, these hurdles shouldn’t stop you, or your feeble body, from enjoying a romp out on the town. So, follow these tips on how to get the most out of going out, even when you don’t have the body type for a barstool all-nighter.


Find a surface to lean against.

Without a chair back to support your posture, it’s all about finding some sort of surface to rest your frail sinews – the bar counter, the walls, maybe even someone’s else’s back in a Charlie’s Angels-esque configuration. Depending on how many drinks you’ve had, the floor is a great option too! Anything to provide that sweet, sweet back support you desperately need.


Flirt your way into a better seat.

Getting a guy to buy you a drink is a time-honored tradition of going out, but sometimes a supported lumbar is more important than a free vodka cran. Consider making eyes with someone in a coveted booth spot and turning on the charm until you’ve convinced him to give up his seat for you and let him worry about how to stay ergonomic while you lean back in your plush comfort for the rest of the night.


Start an impromptu dance.

If sitting at the bar becomes too uncomfortable to bear, try to induce a wild dance moment that gets everyone up and moving so you have an excuse to jump onto the bar and dance the night away. Yes, the dancing is second to the fact that you just really, really couldn’t sit on a stool anymore, but at least it’ll be memorable!




If all else fails and you can’t spend the rest of the night looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, cut your losses short and simply stand with your drink like you’re in the middle of a busy train during commuter hours. It may not be as comfy as sitting in a real chair, but it sure as hell is a lot comfier than sitting on a glorified stump. Plus, you can tell your friends it’s better for your cardiovascular health and that’s totally why you’re making the active decision to stand, not your complete, absolute lack of core strength.


Sometimes scoliosis is the cost of a good night out, but that doesn’t mean you always have to pay it. The next time you meet up with friends at a dreaded dive bar or even worse, an expensive, trendy bar made to look like a dive bar, use these workarounds to salvage the night and your posture.