How to Console a Stranger Who Incorrectly Assumed You Were Pregnant

It happened: You went out in a comfortable dress that you actually felt sexy in and a random person you didn’t know patted your belly and asked you for your due date. You should probably tell them you’re not pregnant, but how do you do it without making them feel terrible? Here’s how to handle the next time this happens, so that you don’t hurt their feelings after they just hurt yours, because this is really all about their feelings!


Remember: they were just trying to congratulate you!

Honestly, you’re the one who should feel bad here. Sure, they’ve got their hand on your belly and they’re asking you when you’re due, which is a little weird, but it’s on you to fix this. As they blush with embarrassment, tell them you completely understand and of course your body does look like it could house a small child. Your bad!


Be grateful that at least he was paying attention to you.

You’re at the laundromat and the manager says something like, “I didn’t know you were pregnant, mija!” Oh that’s sweet. He even called you a Spanish nickname for “daughter” like your uncle does! You can’t be mad at this sweet old man who had no right to give unsolicited comments about your body. Simply tease him about how it’s his fault for always shrinking your laundry and making your clothes so darn tight, so that he doesn’t have to think about how offensive he’s been!



Be mindful that he was just trying to be a gentleman.

One of the biggest perks about being mistakenly thought of as pregnant is all the public courtesy! Even if this isn’t the reason you wanted someone to give you their seat on public transportation or hold the door open for you, you should be thankful. The best way to handle the situation is to apologize profusely for being so bloated due to PMS or IBS or just because that’s the body you were born in and thank them for their kindness. Chivalry is not dead, even if you sure feel like dying!


In this day and age, it’s nice to get noticed for any reason. You would hate to make someone feel feel bad for triggering you to spiral into an obsession with how you look. Don’t make this poor stranger feel almost as bad as you do right now!