How to Confront Your Roommate When She Hasn’t Spiritually Cleansed the Apartment In Weeks

We can all forgive a busy week (or two–let’s be honest!) at work when it comes to spiritually cleansing our apartments’ common areas. But when the unburned sage in your shared home starts piling up as high as your crown chakra, it’s time to sit your roommate down for a talk. Confrontation can be almost as scary as the thought of a spiritually imbalanced apartment, but the steps below will have you both centered and your apartment clear of negative energy before you can say “om”.



Use “I” statements.

Instead of outright blaming your roommate for the veritable war she has waged on your inner peace, communicate how you feel about her behavior from your own perspective. When confronting someone, we tend to use “you” statements, which can sound accusatory and could put your roommate on the defensive. For example: “You’re really messing up the zen in here because you haven’t used the singing bowl since, like, before the blood moon.” Instead, try something like, “My chakras feel out of alignment when you don’t play the singing bowl, since I have trouble meditating without it.” This will show her that her behavior is causing a problem without adding any hostile vibrations into the atmosphere. That is the last thing you need!


Ask if you can help.

It’s possible that the reason your roommate hasn’t given an invocation and sprinkled salt water in weeks is because she is fighting a disturbance within. Her neglect of your apartment’s spiritual upkeep could be a cry for help. Read her aura. If it glows dark, you have your answer, and you should start trying to figure out what’s wrong. Rather than interrupt her energy flow by asking about the source of her negativity directly, build up to it. Sit her down and say, “Meadow, I noticed that you left your moonstone crystals on the north side of the apartment instead of the west. Is everything okay?” Let her open to you, and maybe the blocked negative energy in your apartment will also open up!



Set up a schedule.

You may be a free spirit, but the demanding wheel of life certainly is not! Organization is key to a spiritually balanced home. Try setting up a basic schedule of tasks between you and your roommate. For example, you could burn the incense while your roommate lightly dusts the living room with sachet power. Whether it’s bundling sage for the day or refilling the diffusers in your home with essential oils, it’s important to identify and distribute a set of tasks that works for both of you.


Roommate relationships can be tricky, but hopefully these simple steps will guide you to spiritual harmony in your home. However, if you’ve tried these techniques and your roommate is still a source of negative energy, saying things like, “Listen, I do my dishes and clean once a week. I’m not doing any of this hippy bullshit,” it’s quite possible that she’s just not responsible enough for the joint spiritual journey you envisioned when she moved in. Have you considered kicking her out?