How to Become as Intimidating Yet Visually Striking as Brutalist Architecture

Brutalist architecture is renowned for its striking geometric design and scary aesthetic, which is something many of us aspire to be. Who isn’t dying to look like a scary building? Lucky for you you can become as intimidating yet captivating as Brutalist architecture. Here’s how:


Rid Your Closet of Color

Only wear similar shades of stone to mimic the drab nature that Brutalist architecture adds to society. You want to look tall, plain, and banal. To be Brutalist chic is to capture the essence of purely functional unpainted cement. If you want to take it a step further, try to stick to geometric shapes like squares and rectangles, which will totally add an edge to your look. Nothing is more powerful than looking like a large block of raw concrete!



Speak in Short, Complicated Phrases

A lot of Brutalist architecture appears to be practical but has elements that are more artistically complicated. To include Brutalism in your personal style and everyday life, try to stick to blunt, jarring phrases that will scare people with their brevity. For example, if you were to order a chicken burrito at a restaurant, instead of saying “I’d like to have a chicken burrito, please.” Try something more like “Bird Wrap” and then stare them down until they leave. This will add mystique and intimidation to your personality, and it will have everyone saying, “Whoa. What?”


Cement Your Face

Throw away your contour, foundation, or concealer! Cement will cover any bags or blemishes – actually it will cover everything. The only makeup product you will need is cement, and maybe some black eyeliner to make your eyes look arrestingly intense. Cement is a key material in Brutalism that can easily be thrown into your make up bag. Also, you would be surprised to know that many celebrities are getting their own cement mixers to really hone their Brutalist architecture inspired looks.


Forget French girl style or E girl style; the new forefront of fashion is Brutalist architecture. Don’t you want to feel as functional as the style of architecture created in postwar Europe to create more affordable housing? Of course you do! This style is not for the meek, but rather for the most brutal of us all.