How To Be Yourself On Instagram Even After Your Boss Follows You

It can be hard to know how to show your true self on social media while also protecting your privacy. And it gets even harder when certain people decide to follow you on Instagram, like your boss, who just followed you right now. Right after you frantically scan through you latest posts to archive anything too weird or sexual, here’s how you can still try to be yourself on Instagram even though your boss is definitely following you now.


Celebrate your successes.

If you want to show your true self while also showing your boss that you are not a total loser outside of work, don’t be afraid to celebrate big successes, like getting published, or getting engaged. This will help others know what makes you proud, and get to know you a little better, but not in a weird or vulnerable way because your boss is watching now and she pays you money.


Don’t suppress your personality!

Everybody has a unique personality – even your boss! Even though her Instagram is private and you really don’t want to know what her whole deal is, she knows yours now, so don’t be afraid to show your sense of humor! If you are interested in politics, don’t be afraid to share your opinions respectfully! Just remember that even though she may not talk about it out loud at work, she is definitely watching, and definitely judging.


Learn to be vulnerable with your followers.

No matter how big you might be on Instagram, your followers will always appreciate when you’re vulnerable. It’s okay to share a personal challenge you’ve faced in life, because more people might relate and feel less alone as a result. Just remember that if it’s a sex thing, your boss is definitely going to know about it. Or a drug thing. She’s gonna know all about it.



Soft-block your boss and go private.

Then you can be truly free!!


Being online is harder than ever, but don’t fall down the trap of performing the act of a perfect life – that just isn’t real! Always lean toward being your true self online – even if your boss is only like, sort of cool but not cool enough where this wouldn’t be so weird. Good luck!